Where to Relocate a California Armadillo: Safety and Ensuring They Survive

You managed to trap the Richmond armadillo that has been destroying your yard. The next thing that you should do is to relocate them humanely. The armadillo can use their impressive olfactory nerve and direction to return to their original den. This is why you need to make sure that you will relocate them in a place where they won’t be able to return. Some experts will recommend you to release them at least 25 miles away from your property. 

Choosing Where to Relocate Armadillos

Before relocating the California armadillo, understand that the legislation in each state will be different. It would be best to call the local wildlife center to be familiar with the legal status of the armadillo. You should look for a place where the animal can survive and thrive peacefully. 

The Ideal Habitat of Armadillo

The Richmond armadillo will thrive well in the warm and humid climate. This is why they are often found close to the equator. When releasing them in the wild, be sure that the place will provide them an ample covering that they can use to evade the attacks of the predators. In case you have a direct access to wooded areas, this would be a great place to relocate them only during specific circumstances. 

Far from Residential Community

You are not allowed to relocate them in California private lands unless there is permission with the landowner. You should never release them in commercial areas where there is a limited source of food or in residential community where they can cause the same trouble. Armadillo can really be a nuisance to homeowners due to the severity of the damages that they can cause. 

The Distance

You should also pay attention to the distance of the place where you are planning to relocate them to the place where you capture them. This simply means that you will have to transport them to a distant location. As we mentioned above, it should be at least 25 miles away from your house. This should be enough to deter them from returning to your property. 

Transporting Them

When transporting the California armadillo, you need to ensure that the cage will not stumble. This will agitate the poor creature. If you are transporting them in your own car, there is a possibility that the pathogens and the scent of the armadillo will be transferred to the fabric of your car. A truck with a leveled surface would be a better alternative. You should also cover them with towel to keep them calm and relaxed while in transit. You should keep them well ventilated by opening the windows of your vehicle.

Relocating them is not a simple matter. Understand that a huge percentage of Richmond armadillo that is being relocated will die in a totally unfamiliar environment. There is also a possibility that releasing them in a place away from the area where you capture them is not allowed in your state. Consult the help of the specialist to know your options.

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