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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Richmond! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Richmond, CA. We are your one-stop solution on wildlife invasion, who values the satisfaction of our customers and embraces environment-friendly and safe removal methodologies. We can create a secure space for your families and customers. We believe that honesty, commitment, professionalism, and authentic care to our customers will help us push forward. We are a family-owned and operated business that is forever dedicated and ready to take calculated risks and transform to meet the demands of our clients. In our company, we believe that people come first. Although our method is meant to increase the survival rate of wild animals, there are situations when this cannot be avoided. For instance, not all wildlife rehabilitation centers will accept mice and rats. During this time, we will be forced to execute a humane lethal method; this means killing the poor creature without inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering. We are progressive thinkers. Our people receive training that allows them to think out of the box and find answers to some of the most complex situations. As of today, we are providing our services to the greater local area. We are planning to expand our services to nearby states with the assistance of our partners in this industry. Call us now at 510-907-7981 for your Richmond wildlife control needs.

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Richmond Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: All Types of Damages Caused by Pesky California Pigeons in YOUR Attic

There are some parts of our country where you will usually see Richmond pigeons. You will find them in the street, parks and even on your roof. On the off chance that you spotted a pigeon in your roof, there is a possibility that they’ve already invaded your attic. Pigeons can cause serious damages to your attic. Be sure that you will find ways to exclude them to eliminate them from your property as well as the possible damages that they can cause.

List of Damages that Your Attic Can Incur from Pigeon Infestation

In this article, we will enumerate the range of destruction that the California pigeon can possibly do in our attic. Aside from that, we will also give you effective ways on how you can prevent the infestation from recurring.

Damages in Our Roof

Our roof will be damaged by the presence of pigeon. Their droppings are corrosive that can corrode different construction materials. They can collect nesting materials that will block the drainage. Once the water accumulated in our roof the extra weight can cause significant damage such as collapsed roof. This may also lead to water damages that can lead to costly repairs. Once you notice the presence of pigeon, look for any materials that can block the flow of water in your roof.

The Richmond Nesting Materials are Flammable

The materials that the California pigeon used in building their nest are highly flammable. It will often include dried twigs, leaves, straws, feathers, and the dried droppings. If they choose to build their nest close to a machine that generates heat, it can easily set our attic ablaze. In case you notice a congregation of pigeons in your property, be sure that you will inspect the areas in your attic that produces heat. This will ensure your safety.

Obstruct Our Ventilation System

The ventilation system in your California attic can also be blocked by the nesting materials of the pigeon. This is an extremely dangerous situation. It has the capacity to restrict the proper air circulation in our attic that will build up the amount of carbon monoxide. The spread of the disease will also be magnified should the pigeon decided to establish the nest on the ventilation system. You should immediately enlist the service of the experts once you notice the sign of pigeons in your attic.

Transmission of the Disease

Since they are located in the highest section of our house, the droppings in our attic can easily find its way on the lower portion of our house such as our kitchen. Once our food or water source has been contaminated with their feces, we will accidentally ingest the fungal spores that can lead to serious sickness.

Pigeons may appear to be docile Richmond creatures but the amount of damages that your attic can incur from their presence should never be undermined. Book your local pigeon removal specialist that will immediately remove the pigeons from your attic thus avoiding severe damages.