How to Stop Richmond Squirrels from Chewing All of Your Electrical Wirings

Squirrels that invaded you Richmond attic can be dangerous. Once they start chewing our electrical wirings, the live wires will be exposed that may cause fire accidents. In case you suspect that a squirrel is dwelling in your attic, the best way to prevent them from chewing your electrical wires is to drive them out of your home. This will allow you to eliminate all the risks that are associated with squirrel infestation.

Why Do California Squirrels Chew Electrical Wires?

The teeth of the rodent will grow uncontrollably. In order to manage the growth of their teeth, they will chew various materials. Inside our house, there are wide selections of materials that they can chew to control their teeth’s growth. The boards, support beams, and electrical wires are all excellent items that they can gnaw to handle their constantly growing teeth. It is highly recommended to perform exclusion during the first sign of infestation to avoid damages.

Preventing the Richmond Squirrels from Chewing the Electrical Wires

In order to stay away from the hazards that come with an exposed electrical wire, you will have to stop the California squirrels from gnawing them. Squirrels are persistent and tenacious nuisance creatures. Fortunately, there are still effective ways on how to deter their destructive chewing behavior.

  • Using a California Metal Sheet- The strong teeth and sharp claws of the squirrels will not be able to penetrate this material. It can be utilized in multiple applications that will enable you to prevent the damage of the vermin. You may use this as a conduit on your electrical wires. It is important to have your wirings insulated with rubber coating. Sadly, rubber is vulnerable to the attack of the squirrels.
  • Block the Entry Holes- The squirrels will need to enter the attic first before they can gnaw on our electrical wires. In order to avoid this, you will have to seal all the access points of the squirrels. The vent holes are their common access point. You may have to use a wire mesh to conceal this place. Any materials that are made out of metals will be a great deterrent against squirrel. When covering the holes, the sheet metal would be an excellent construction material since you can bend it and alter the shape to completely seal the hole.
  • Use Soft Materials to Cover the Richmond Wirings-you are probably wondering why we are recommending this method. If plastic PVC pipes can be chewed easily by the squirrels, you might think that using a softer material would be a waste of time and effort. The softer insulation materials will not help the squirrel control the growth of their teeth. This means that they will simply ignore your electrical wirings.

  • The methods we mentioned above are better method compared to strong chemicals and poisons. There are risks in using chemicals especially if you have pets and kids in your house. In case you suspect that you have an unwanted guest in your house, do not hesitate to call the assistance of your trusted wildlife removal company.

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